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To view the following website correctly, please download and install the Verdana Navajo font. Without this font you will not be able to view the Navajo words correctly.

Verdana Navajo: PC or Mac

Throughout this site you will have the option to download different text and audio files. Please visit the Downloads area to ensure you have the programs and fonts you need to view or listen to these files.

Finally, the Netscape browser continues to have many problems. We HIGHLY recommend using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. A link for a free download can be found in the Downloads area.

Site Updates

4/30/03 Added a new exhibit to San Juan Heritage - Voices of Youth audio project

New areas have been added to the People section of San Juan Heritage

  Many recipes in Din4 Bich'iy2' have been revised so that ingredients are listed in Navajo but switch to English when you roll your mouse over them.
  Cultural information has been added to some of the animals in San Juan Heritage






Navajo word display problems? Please install the Verdana Navajo font, downloadable by clicking HERE.

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