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Clanship System
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Din4 Clanship System

K'4 47 Din4 k'ehj7 nts1hakees bit['11h sil1ii 1t'4. T'11 h0jiz7n7g77 bee 1d44hodz0lzin doolee[ 1d0one'4 jil7n7g77, d00 b1j7shch7n7g77, d00 7nda dah hacheii d00 dah han1l7. D77 ts'7d1 al32j8' 1t'4 binahj8' Din4 jil98go bee hw44ho'd7lzin doolee[. T'11 haad66' sh99 da'deezhch99d66' niily1h7g77 1t'4.

Din4 47 danilin7g77 bik'ehgo k'4 da'ahidi'n7. D0one'4 da'ahizhdi'n7n7g77 47 k'4 woly4.

(In Din4 culture, the identity of an individual is defined by his or her clan. Traditionally, a Din4 will introduce himself by identifying the following: first, his mother's clan, which is his clan; second, his father's clan, his "born for" clan; third, his maternal grandparents' clan; and finally his paternal grandparents' clan. This introduction confirms his kinship and lineage and establishes his Din4 heritage.

It is important for Din4 to understand their relationship to each other by clan. This clan relationship is called K'e.)

From: Navajo Clan Legends, compiled by Don Mose Jr., SJSD Media Center, Blanding UT. 2001

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