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Hair Tie

Hair Tie

1. Opening A.

2. 1, over intervening strings, picks up 5f.

3. R1 and R2 remove the L5 loop and place it without twisting over L1 and L2. Repeat on the opposite side.

4. Pass 1 and 2 down over their palmar strings and into their respective loops. Extend with palms facing away.


Hair tie on First Woman Notes: The Navajo name for this figure is Tsiit['00[. It represents the strings used to hold together a man’s or woman’s hair bun (Mitchell 1999:11). Long ago, hair ties were woven on a small loom. They measured roughly two inches wide and resembled the garter strings used for fastening leggings (Franciscan Fathers 1910:249). Later, cords obtained from traders were also used. The modern hair tie consists of several cords knotted together at each end. Traditionally, women dressed the hair of both sexes. If a man was married his wife would form the bun and tie it; if not, his mother or sister performed the duty (Kluckhohn, Hill, and Kluckhohn 1971:267-270).




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